Anthony Owliaie

Height: 5’7 (67”)

Hair: Brown      Eyes: Brown


Web Series Nathan Grant: Ghost Detective Episodes 2, 3, 5 Daryl Meryl Mo Ten Productions
Improv Theater Second City House Team

The Last Men On Earth

The Last Men On Earth

The Last Men On Earth

The Last Men On Earth

The Last Men On Earth

Minority Report

Second City Las Vegas

The Improv Space

The Clubhouse

80’s Dads

Blurred Lines

IO West

Second City Hollywood

The Sleeping Policemen Anthony Improv Vegas
Nonrandom Nonsense

Nonrandom Nonsense

The Last Men On Earth


Frat Boy


Barack Obama: Failed

Beer Pong Champ

Second City Las Vegas

Gerald Gordon’s Showcase Boys in the Band Gerald Gordon’s Showcase
Commercial Blu Ecigs                                         Stranded Guy

Jamp                                                 Bacteria

Hungry for Some Poker             Player


Blu Ecigs

Jamp Hand Sanitizer

World Series of Poker




Intermediate-Writing Lab (on going)


Liz Bolton, Jay Lay, Guy Stevenson, Roy Jenkins



Improv 101-401 Julie Brister, Ben Rodgers, Upright Citizens Brigade
Jessica Allen Eason, Todd Fassen
Level one, Sketch Writing, Sketch Writing Level Two, Sketch Writing Level Three Miles Stroth, Eric Moneypenny, Heather Anne Campbell, Sam Brown The Miles Stroth Workshop
Intro, Level 1-5 Liz Allen, Ryan Archidbald, Shelly Gossman, Craig Uhlir, Paul Mattingly, Josh Zehnner Second City Las Vegas
Acting Workshop Gerald Gordon Gerald Gordon Workshop
Special Skills Long form Improv (performance teams), Physical Comedy, Character Work, Singing, Foreign and Domestic Accents